Find out how three common suspension designs work with LEGO bricks (+ video)


At Diariomotor we are declared and confessed fans of Swedish plastic bricks. Beyond building cool cars like the LEGO Icons Porsche 911, we’re especially adept at the Technic series. In these elements it is possible to recreate engineering concepts with a great degree of detail, as well as replicate mechanical systems with great detail. For example, 20 mechanical principles to transmit energy, or the suspension systems of a vehicle. This video reveals you, in detail, how three common suspension designs work.

the video is part of the Brick Technology channel, where its creator simulates different elements of vehicles and thoroughly tests them. In this video he focuses, first of all, on the suspension system of a conventional and simple car: an independent McPherson scheme for the front axle and a semi-independent system with rigid axle and torsion bars. Secondly, it simulates the suspension scheme of a Volkswagen Beetle. A system whose rear suspension was of peculiar oscillating axles.

The advantages and disadvantages of each technology are detailed in great detail.

A system that, despite being compact and cheap, caused abnormal wear on the tires, due to the falls to which it was subjected depending on the load of the vehicle. Lastly, recreate the truck suspension system, with a rigid front axle supported by coil springs, and a rigid rear axle with leaf spring suspension. Furthermore, it even reaches recreate panhard bars, whose purpose is to provide transverse stability to the whole. If everything sounds very complex, we recommend you watch the video on these lines.

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