Fatal accident in Tomatlán, Mexico, causes irreparable damage: 3 people deceased

Several material damages were caused by a terrible accident in Tomatlan left at least 3 people deceased.

Recently, authorities reported at least 3 deceased, material damage and mobilization of emergency, rescue and police forcess, was the balance left by the accident of a private vehicle while driving on federal highway 143 Fortín-Huatusco at the height of the Hermitage of Tomatlán.

According to the first details of the fatal accident, it was learned that the same It was recorded around 00:05 hours this Sunday on the Nuevo Puente-Los Cerritos road sectionright on the last curve of the Hermitage of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the entrance to the municipality of Tomatlan.

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The driver of the vehicle marks Sling Type Accordwhite, model 2004 and with plates YDX-703-B of the State, lost control while speeding and collided with the hill, causing the woman who was traveling as co-pilot to be thrown from the car and left dead in a ditch.

The driver of the vehicle managed to flee in an unknown direction.leaving the unit and the people it was transporting abandoned to evade responsibility.

Later, officials from the Municipal, State and Ministerial Policein addition to personnel from the Prosecutor’s Office and Forensic Experts, who took notice and carried out the removal of the body, in addition to sending the vehicle to the corralón for the demarcation of responsibilities.

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