Enjoy the lavish restoration of this Swedish flying brick (+ video)


Making use of the expression “Swedish flying brick” is none other than the affectionate synonym that refers to a Volvo family. And it is that blessed that time in which the firm, without any shame, faced its German rivals with proposals as interesting as the Volvo V70 with the 2.4T engine. Variant that boasted a five-cylinder hand in hand with an aesthetic typical of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The best of all? That someone has taken the “both” to restore one, and how glad we are.

Fatcarman, youtuber and owner of this V70, spent 800 euros on its purchase due to its poor condition. But the considerable savings over a well-maintained unit has allowed him to save money and carry out a superb restoration to make the Swedish flying brick shines like in its best days.

See a Volvo V70 five-cylinder come to life

And although at first glance it may seem that there are not too many problems to deal with, the reality is quite different. In addition to aesthetic and interior problems, our protagonist finds himself with a significant obstruction in the oil tank which leads you directly to buying a new engine for the Volvo V70.

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After a demanding set-up and even the manufacture of parts to save costs, the 2.4T of the Swedish family member returns to life. To this we must add the fight with the rust present in the support points of the torsion bar that, once solved, It gives rise to the fact that the owner can get involved with suspension and damping issues.

As a final touch for the Volvo V70 is a new coat of paint that, without being perfect, gives it the majestic touch that it required. Thus, the 2.4-liter five-cylinder is once again ready to develop 200 hp and 285 Nm of torque after five months of hard work.

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