€15,000 more expensive than new, the bubble attacks the definitive compact that succumbs to speculation


It was a few weeks ago when we reported that the new Honda Civic Type R, which promises to be the definitive sports compact, could not be ordered, temporarily, in Europe, as well as that they were no longer accepting orders in Japan. The reason has been none other than the high demand for the model, the microchip crisis and the fact that the Japanese firm wants to prevent a bottleneck from occurring, a scenario that, on the other hand, has caused some speculate with the Type R.

And although it is true that no more units of the Japanese compact will be produced until further notice, those who placed their order before the stoppage of the presses will still receive their unit. This has made some already enjoy the new Honda Civic Type R in Spainbut also so that there are ads in which this is for sale for almost 70,000 euros.

Almost 70,000 euros are asked for the new Honda Civic Type R in an attempt to speculate

Being more specific, we can find a totally new unit -it only reflects 86 kilometers on the odometer- for sale in Murcia. This is carried out by the Onan Gold Cars dealer, which is also in charge of selling other sports-style vehicles. However, it is surprising when we find the Civic Type R that concerns us today accompanied by a price of 69,900 euros.

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This implies an increase of 15,050 euros compared to the list price of the Japanese compact. And we must remember that Honda announced at the time a price of 54,850 euros for the Spanish marketa figure that was reflected in its configurator before it was temporarily withdrawn from sale.

However, it must be clarified that, although the production and sale of the Type R -and the access Civic- is suffering, some countries have priority to receive units, even if it is dropper. This happens in the United Kingdom, Germany or the United States, for example, leaving Spain in a more secondary place as it is not the birthplace of the sports compact.

That is why when Honda is awarding units to each country, it will prioritize those in which the Type R has caused the greatest furor. And it is that for the moment Spain has had 19 units assignedmaking it clear that our country is not a priority for the Japanese firm since there has not been, for the moment, a great demand for its sports compact.

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This leads to the fact that, on the one hand, the Type R is now seen as an exclusive vehicle. But the truth is that this is not subject to any limited edition, leaving its exclusivity to be, for the moment, temporary. In addition, the fact that only 19 units abound on our roads does not mean that the Honda compact is immediately the object of desire of hundreds or thousands.

And it is that said scenario could occur if Spain were the case of other countries in which the allocation of Type R units has been greater, unequivocal sign that it is a much more sought after car. In other words, that in countries like the United Kingdom or Germany, we could find ourselves with the situation in which someone was willing to pay 15,000 euros more for the Honda Civic Type R to avoid waiting for production to return to normal.

However, Is it impossible for the unit that we are dealing with today to be sold for that price? No, since after all the new Type R promises to be the king of compact sports cars as well as the most purist, and it is a pairing that is valued. Be that as it may, the sale is being carried out by means of a purchase-sale, so there would be no type of repudiation by Honda as it could be if it were an official dealer.

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