DS Automobiles will have a new SUV in 2024 that will compete with the Audi Q5

DS Automobiles will have a new SUV by the year 2024 that will be the rival of Audi Q5.

Audi’s new Competition SUV

DS Automobiles It will continue to expand its range. With a larger SUV than the new ds7.

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The DS Aero Sports Lounge got the green light. This concept is the prelude to a new SUV that will be seen in the dealerships as competition from the Q5 of Audi the mercedes glc and to bmw x3 and the Alfa Romeo Stelvio will be an alternative.

The large SUV from DS Automobiles

The large SUV was previously baptized as DS 8 Crossback E-Tense. However, after several changes we expect the rivalry against the Q5.

Beatrice Foucher, Head of DS Automobilesindicated that “The silhouette is inspired by the concept, and falls between a hatchback and an SUV to provide the best energy management.” Foucher indicated that it is “striking”.

DS’s electric offensive

It will be a fully electric car. With a range of 700 kilometers. With benefits above DS 3 E-Tense.

“I don’t think it’s necessary to have too many. The more you do, at the end of the day, the more the models overlap. So for me, five models is good. I won’t ask for more. We have a little time to decide the plan for beyond 2025.”

The new DS SUV It will hit the market by 2024.

Writing by Gossipvehículos/Source: www.motor.es

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