Drako Dragon, the SUV that did not want to choose between luxury and sportiness


We met the small manufacturer Drako three years ago when, during the 2019 Monterrey Automobile Week, he presented a supercar named Drako GTE. Now comes the second model of the brand, a luxury SUV defined by themselves as “the most powerful and fastest in history”. What arguments do they have to talk like that about the Drako Dragon?

The Drako Dragon is equipped with four electric motors: each of them is located in one of the four wheels and is responsible for controlling it. Together they develop a power of 2,028 CV, which allows it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds and reach a top speed of over 322 km/h.

They have not revealed the capacity of the battery pack that feeds these four motors, but the autonomy that it promises: 676 kilometers. It also supports a charging power of up to 500 kW to recover 80% autonomy in ten minutes. It only remains to find charging stations that deliver such power.


An elevated sports car

When shaping these arguments, there are elements that play a relevant role. One of them is the design: it is signed by a former Pininfarina, Lowie Vermeersch, who now has his own firm (GranStudio) and is also Drako’s Head of Design. The starting point is a carbon fiber structure on which an SUV with generous ground clearance has been conceived, measuring 5.05 meters long, 2.06 meters wide and 1.60 meters high. His weight is 2,254 kilos.

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Beneath that coupé silhouette, the Drako Dragon is an SUV that, rather, It looks like an elevated supercar. Its lines are highly sculpted and seek the best aerodynamics: according to the brand, the airflow passes through the large air intakes, which are located at the front, and is then guided to the rear diffuser. The body panels are made with sustainable natural fibers to improve rigidity (they are ultra strong and light), reduce weight and minimize the use of plastic by up to 70%.

At the front, the LED headlights frame the huge air outlet located on the hood and it is in the profile where we find the most striking innovations: the mirrors are not mirrors, but rather small cameras, the wheels are 23-inch and access to the interior (with space for five people) is through the butterfly doors.

maximum technology

In the cockpit of the Drako Dragon, the display of technology is absolute: behind the wheel, where all the controls are, is the digital instrument panel whose screen can be customized. To the right of him a 17.1-inch floating touchscreen dominates the center console. And the interior mirror has been replaced by a screen.

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They have not skimped on this type of equipment: on the back of the driver’s seat and that of his companion (made of carbon fiber) there are two more screens for drivers in the rear row. Everything is controlled through Drako DriveOS NanoControl system, that uses a single multicore ECU with which the instrument panel, infotainment, navigation, HVAC system, instrumentation screen, DAS, battery are managed…

For the lining of the interior of the Drako Dragon, a beige leather, the same as the carpet parts: the contrast is provided by the contrasting orange stitching and the black of the dashboard.

Plans for the Drako Dragon

Being the “most powerful and fastest SUV in history” has a price and it is not exactly small. The Drako Dragon will start in 290,000 dollars (278,000 euros, according to the current exchange rate) and reservations for the first 99 units (the First Edition model) are now open: only a $5,000 refundable reservation is required. Production will start in 2026 and they plan to launch 5,000 copies of the Drako Dragon on the market each year.

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