Do the aids change after the extension of the Moves III Plan?


The Plan Moves III Get a financial boost. Teresa Ribera, Minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, has been in charge of communicating that the Government will expand the initial budget: How will this new endowment affect aid to buy a car?

The initial budget received by the Moves III Plan was 800 million euros and now it will reach 1,200 thanks to the latest expansion of 400 million. A movement of this type was included in the Government’s plans, but they have only taken the definitive step after fifteen autonomous communities requested an increase in the endowment and after receiving more than 90,000 requests.

The Moves III Plan after enlargement

The truth is that few things change after the extension of the Moves III Plan. The objective of the aid remains the same: to encourage the purchase of more sustainable models. For this reason, drivers who want to renovate their private garage may only apply for these subsidies if the model chosen is electric, electric with extended autonomy, plug-in hybrid with more than 90 kilometers of autonomy or hydrogen fuel cell.

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The vehicle in question must belong to one of these categories: L3e, L4e, L5e (electric motorcycles); L6e and L7e (electric quadricycles); M1 (cars) and N1 (vans). In addition, it must appear in the Vehicle Database of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDEA) and it must not be forgotten that there is a limit of 800,000 euros of subsidy for each open file and another of 2.5 million per beneficiary and validity of the program.

Electric cars

Thus, the aid to buy an electric car will be 2,500 (without delivering a vehicle to scrap) or 5,000 euros (with scrap) if it is a plug-in hybrid. If it is electric, the figures will be 4,500 or 7,000 euros. It should be remembered that, to receive the subsidy, the price of the model cannot exceed 45,000 or 53,000 euros (if it has eight or nine seats).

The installation of a charging point You will get a grant of up to 70% as long as the operation is carried out in a private home.

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Electric motorcycles

In the case of electric motorcycles, the requirements There are two: having a minimum autonomy of 69 kilometers and that its price does not exceed the barrier of 10,000 euros. The amounts will be 1,100 euros (without scrap) or 1,300 (with scrap).

electric vans

Vans, for their part, must meet a single condition related to their autonomy: it must be at least 29 kilometers. The aid for your purchase will be 7,000 (without scrap) or 9,000 euros (with scrap).

electric quadricycles

Electric quadricycles also have subsidies to facilitate their purchase. In this case they will be 1,400 (light) and 1,800 euros. Both figures can be increased by 200 euros if a vehicle is delivered to scrap.

Managed by the CCAA

The autonomous communities will continue to be in charge of managing the aid from the Moves III plan after its extension, although, from now on, they will have the possibility of increasing their resources to expedite all the procedures. The reason? The budget for file management expenses will be 5% and not 2.5%.

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Other lines of action

The Moves III Plan continues to include the Plan Moves Fleets (which, as its name suggests, facilitates the replacement of combustion vehicles by hybrids and electrics in fleets), the Singular Moves Plan (receives 100 million from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) to promote unique and innovative projects that promote the technological maturity of electric and fuel cell vehicles) and the More Energy Security Plan (which will be reinforced with an additional 500 million to promote self-consumption facilities).


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