Do not wait until 2023 to get one of the best cheap sports cars on the market


time is running against you, dear petrolhead. We know that this is a very common statement these days, but it is still absolutely true. The advent of the Euro 7 regulations will take away almost all cars that are not heavily electrified. And this implies the tacit disappearance of all affordable sports cars. In this article we talk about a car that suffers an aggravating circumstance: the brand has decided to stop selling it prematurely. If you want one, you only have a few months left.

The car we are talking about is the Ford Fiesta ST. In my humble opinion, the best affordable sports car on the market, and the funniest sport utility vehicle at the moment. I got to test drive the Ford Fiesta ST a few years ago, and it instantly became the benchmark in its segment. The Ford Fiesta only has a few months left, and with its sad demise – almost 50 years of uninterrupted production – the ST version will also disappear. The good news is that you can still take home a Ford Fiesta ST at a reasonable price.

You can no longer order a Ford Fiesta with a three-door body.

Ford has announced the Ford Fiesta ST, only available in a five-door body, for 26,252 euros. This price includes promotional discounts and discounts for financing your purchase with FCE Bank. The details of the financing are not published on the website of the American brand, and must be formalized with the concession when purchasing the vehicle. Its price list is almost 5,000 euros higher, staying two euros from 31,000 euros. The version on offer is an ST with no extras or added packages.

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That is, equip a 1.5 EcoBoost 200 hp engine, manual gearbox six relationships and extensive equipment. The standard equipment includes an 8″ screen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, sports seats, automatic climate control or digital instrumentation. However, it does not include the most important extra from my point of view: the Performance Pack. This optional package costs 900 euros, and includes the Quaife mechanical self-locking differential, as well as Launch Control and a gear change assist light system.

With the Performance package, and financing the purchase, we can take it home for 27,152 euros.

In truth, the important detail is the self-locking differential. It’s what completely transforms the driving experience and makes it a flawless all-wheel drive vehicle. In just a few months, brand new a Ford Fiesta ST will not be possible. So if we want an affordable and exciting sport utility, we’ll have to stick with the Hyundai i20 N, the aging Abarth 595 and Abarth 695, or make a much larger investment.

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Photos of the Ford Fiesta ST


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