Delivery man is caught carrying his son in the delivery box of his motorcycle: “I have no one to leave him with” (+ Viral video)

Delivery man carries his son in the delivery box of his motorcycle
Image courtesy of Meganoticias – Delivery man carries his son in the delivery box of his motorcycle

A video has become viral in the networks and has caused controversial reactions as well as indignant, and it is that a delivery boy carries his son in the box where do you place your orders motorcycle.

Horacea man from La Plata, Argentina, works as a delivery man in a delivery applicationHowever, in order to do so, he must take his little son with him, whom he transports in the delivery box of the motorcycle, a fact that was captured by a user.

The record went viral on social networks by the user Vía Szeta, who warned about the insecurity of carrying the child in this way. “Outrageous. A delivery man was carrying a minor in the delivery box, ”says the publication shared on Twitter.

Delivery man carries his son in the delivery box of his motorcycle

In a conversation with Road Safety of Argentina and replicated by TN, Horacio shared his version of the events, since many people commented on the situation after being outraged because the child was in clear danger.

They indicated that: “This video shook us. Seeing a child in the delivery box of a motorcycle made us, like everyone else, fear for his life. We sense that behind this situation of road insecurity there was something else. Reason why they decided to start looking for the driver to talk to him.

In this way, Horacio expresses about the video that “I came from distributing and I was going to my parents’ house.”

Regarding the child, he stated that his wife also works and that “if I pay for a babysitter, the child does not eat anything.” It is because of this that he tries to find them in order to be able to support his family: “I support myself by delivering pizza, selling homemade bread, selling whatever it is, on the street.”

He assured that a similar event “will not happen again” and that his family threatened to take away his driver’s license “for carrying the child like that.”


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