De Tomaso P900, now with a V12 capable of spinning at 12,300 rpm and using synthetic gasoline


With the first production unit of the De Tomaso P72 about to be delivered, the reborn Italian firm today presents its second and more visceral creature. It is called De Tomaso P900 and it is the circuit version of the P72making use not only of a new and more radical design, but of a new own atmospheric V12 engine that promises to reach 12,300 rpm and be compatible with synthetic gasoline. Clearly a very succulent toy for all those millionaires who like to spend their free time in the cricuts.

Developed in collaboration with Apollo, the creators of the imposing Intensa Emozione, the De Tomaso P72 claims to be already in series production. For this reason, De Tomaso Automobili have been encouraged to launch their second project, a P900 that intends to leave behind any approval to give free rein to designers and engineers. The result is a car that still has a clear classic aftertaste, but now sculpts its shapes with a much greater role for aerodynamics.

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The De Tomaso P900 will offer a weight/power ratio of 1 to 1: 900 Kg for 900 CV

However, beyond its new design, perhaps the most interesting thing about the P900 project and the 18 units that will see the light of day is its engine. As confirmed by De Tomaso, for the P900 work is being done on a new and unpublished V12 engine of 4,785 cc, at 60º and with atmospheric aspiration that is capable of developing 900 CV of maximum power and turning up to 12,300 rpm, being also compatible with synthetic gasoline due to the uncertain future of thermal engines in Europe. This turning ceiling means leaving behind the current kings of the 12-cylinder in terms of turning: 11,100 rpm (Aston Martin Valkyrie) and 12,100 rpm (GMA T.50). Both engines developed by Cosworth, by the way.


This fixation of De Tomaso with having his own V12 should not surprise us, because although the production P72 will use Ford V8 engines powered by Roush under his own specification, the current test mules of the P72 have used the V12 ex-Ferrari that give life to the Apollo Intensa Emozione. Thus, it seems that De Tomaso has had a more than understandable crush on the twelve cylinders.

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However, there is an important handicap in this engine, and that is that the new V12 of the P900 will not be ready until the end of 2024. For this reason, De Tomaso has sought an interesting solution to be able to satisfy the most impatient customers, offering them the possibility of installing a V10 Judd Formula 1 engine in the P900, that same engine recently brought back to life by the McLaren Solus GT. And the truth is that it is not a bad option either, because although it does not have the cache of 12 cylinders, this atmospheric V10 is capable of generating 840 CV and emitting a truly guttural sound.

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