Cuban boy dies after being run over in Tampa, FL, relatives ask for help

A boy of Cuban origin dies after a serious traffic accident in Florida, after being hit by a car.

10-year-old boy dies after being hit by a car

A 10-year-old Cuban boy lost his life in a terrible road accident in Tampa, Florida. His family and friends request donations to cover the expenses of the wake.

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“At 6:40 pm on November 10, 2022, the Tampa Police Department was called for a traffic accident involving a scooter and a vehicle”local authorities reported.

“An adult male was driving the scooter with a 10-year-old boy sitting in front of him. The adult and the child knew each other. While turning into a gas station located at 3605 W Hillsborough Ave, the scooter driver made a wide turn, causing the scooter to overturn and both driver and child to fall into oncoming lanes of traffic.”

“Both individuals were struck by an oncoming vehicle whose driver did not see them in time to stop. Both the driver and the child were transported to a local hospital, where the child died of his injuries.”

Tampa Police said crash investigators determined the driver of the scooter, Yordanis Leyva37 years old, was to blame for the accident, they think he was drugged at the time of the event.

Leyva He was charged with involuntary manslaughter under the influence of alcohol and for driving with a suspended license, he is hospitalized for serious injuries.

The authorities keep the investigation of the case open to clarify the facts. The boy named Robert, was identified by Pigeon Nora in Facebook. nora requested help for Leidiana Gutierrez the mother of the minor. “The boy was traveling on the motorcycle with his mother’s boyfriend, Leidiana Gutiérrez.”


«Heaven gained a little angel with you Robertico. There are no words of comfort to ease the pain of a mother who is heartbroken today because her little son will no longer be there every morning to hug her and call her mom. Today is one of those days where the pain is so strong that we question God and his purposes».

«Today my friend Leidiana Gutiérrez has lost her only love, as she always called him. Today a mother who has been a mom and a dad has her soul shattered because her only baby was taken from her in the most sudden and painful way. There are no words, there are no adequate ones to alleviate the pain of a mother, a grandmother and an entire family that cries for the irreparable loss of the King of the house, the most loved and pampered child by his mother, who always fought tirelessly to do so. smile”.

“Today I want to ask everyone who wants to support a single mother, a mother who works two jobs and takes care of her baby alone, a mother who has to face hospital and funeral expenses in the midst of so much pain. We ask you for any help, any contribution will be received and appreciated.

“If you want to support, you can make a donation to the Zelle number 813-235-2136, contact Leidiana Gutierrez, or to the cash app Yenifer Salvia 941-592-4313.”

«Kisses to heaven Robe, we will miss you very much. Give strength to your mom because she will need it every second of the day to bear the immense pain that your departure has left. God, only you can console her, only you with your immense mercy can give her encouragement».

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