Corvette would become a brand by 2025

Corvette would become a brand by 2025

After the launch of the Corvette C8 mid-engined, rumors broke out that the automaker Chevrolet could have a sub-brand with multiple models.

Now a new report from Car And Driver states that this possibility is not ruled out. The manufacturer allegedly plans launch a new Corvette sub-brand in 2025.

According to the report from the aforementioned portal, Chevrolet plans to launch two Corvette models along with the electric Corvette. These new models will be a four-door coupe and high-performance crossover.

The source says the vehicles would set themselves apart from other EVs with high-end software and hardware, such as ultra-efficient inverters, four-wheel steering, mini-licensed components, and other perks.

Corvette C8 SUV rendering

These vehicles would feature an 800-volt electrical system with up to 350 kilowatts of charging capacity, high-density batteries, a two-speed transmission, brake-by-wire, torque vectoring, and a proprietary cooling system.

The release of the Corvette C8 for 2020 was a big change for the model, as it went on to have a mid engine. Now, there are versions like the Corvette Z06, but soon there will be more options.

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Chevrolet’s possible expansion would come after Ford does so with the Mustang sub-brand to include the all-wheel-drive Mach-E crossover.

The Mustang Mach-E it went on sale about two years ago and these are still climbing in 2022. However, it is likely that GM will have these new models as expensive and exclusive as new technology comes at a price.

The transition to electric vehicles may mean that GM takes advantage of the corvette nameplate for a range of high-end models, as well as outstanding performance.

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