Conversion of the MGB Roadster to an electric car


The MGB It is one of the most popular classic roadsters of all time. Launched in the late 1950s and sold for over two decades, it soon became the gold standard of classic british sports car. It is the concept car that the Mazda MX-5 reinterpreted with obvious success at the end of the eighties. Today it is a nice classic, with the easements of any classic, and the particularities of cars of British origin – especially electrically. And what a coincidence, this article is electric.

I apologize for the small offense in the previous paragraph, regarding the reliability of the British classics. But somehow, I had to mention Lucas, “the lord of darkness”, a common joke regarding the electrical components of these vehicles. It is no less ironic that in the interest of greater reliability and performance, these MGBs are becoming 100% electric vehicles. The electric MGB is the star project of RBW Electric Classic Carsa British specialist in converting classic electric cars.

Originally, the MGB equipped a simple carburetted engine of four cylinders, 1.8 liters and 95 CV of power.

In short, the MGB that is on your screens in a electric restomod of a classic roadster. Building on the still-plentiful base of an MGB, RBW removes the car’s heat engine and installs six lithium-ion batteries, of undisclosed capacity, under the hood. We know, yes, that the car has a range of 260 km, expandable to 320 km with a seventh battery. These batteries send “electron juice” to a motor located in the rear. A 95 hp electric drive – identical power to the original car – transmits power to the ground.

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It is not a high performance car. The 0 to 96 km/h does it in 9.0 seconds and its top speed is 129 km/h. They are not great features, but they are in line with those offered by the classic. Its driving feel retains the original charm of the car, but all its undercarriage has been reinforced and refurbished – Its independent suspension scheme is new, as are its subframes – for the sake of greater safety. Being an electric car, it has regenerative braking, reinforced bearings and ad-hoc electronic management.

Some of the charm of a classic is lost, but it’s still just as beautiful and it’s a much more reliable car.

Inside the car has been installed a digital instrumentation in the gap of analog clocks and the center console has been modified to install a 7″ touch screen signed by Pioneer for the infotainment system. The gear lever has been replaced by a gear wheel. The entire car is fully customizable, to suit the client. For At the moment RBW plans to build only 30 units, at a price – 90,000 pounds sterling – which at the current exchange rate is close to 100,000 euros.

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