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Chinese cars - Changan CS55

Since 2009, China is the country that manufactures the most cars in the world. The internal demand itself led to the global expansion of its automotive supply, which places the many Chinese companies among the first places in sales in the world. They have stopped reproducing models of recognized brands to design their own.

There are several brands of Chinese cars that are marketed in a large number of countries. Among those who have arrived in Latin America we can highlight ten brands as preponderant, which we list below:

  • Geely
  • MG (SAIC)
  • Chang’an
  • cherry
  • DFSK
  • Haval (Great Wall)
  • BYD
  • Faw
  • Lifan
  • J.A.C.

In the following video you can see a summary of the main characteristics of Chinese brands in Latin America and their most outstanding models:


The Geely company, of Chinese origin, is headquartered in the city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province. It was established in the automotive market as the first private manufacturer in China in 1997 and the first Chinese car brand to be presented at the Frankfurt and Detroit Motor Show.

The most outstanding model of this brand is, without a doubt, the iconic Geely Emgrand GT. It is a fusion between a luxury and sports tourism car really very well achieved by the brand.

It has a very elegant design, panoramic roof and luxury details, both inside and outside, that make it stand out from the others in its segment.

In this video we are going to leave you a description of the main characteristics of this Geely model:


A characteristic of MG, a British brand that belongs to the Chinese SAIC Motors, is the combination of good materials, reliability and technology. This Chinese brand offers a seven-year warranty, which enables the public’s trust to be strengthened.

Among its most outstanding models is the MG ZS. It is an SUV highly valued for its interior space and good price-equipment ratio.

In this video, you have available a description of the main features of the MG ZS:


The Chery brand has managed to consolidate itself in the market thanks to its careful offer of SUV with elegant and dynamic design. Its managers have been in charge of updating all the details to adjust to the demand of those who are looking for a complete, elegant car at a good price.

Chery has an important variety of models equipped with innovative features. on some models offers a guarantee of 300,000 kilometers or 10 years, which is unique in the market at the moment. In this video you can learn more about the Chery brand and where its vehicles are manufactured:

One of the latest releases Chery is the Tiggo Pro 8, that presents the new design trends of the brand. Its predecessors such as the Chery Tiggo 7 and 8 have nothing to envy to the most established SUVs of the most recognized brands. But Chery offers them at much more affordable prices.


As for the models, the brands constantly compete to offer the best and most up-to-date features combined with the most refined details in finishes and design.

That is why the most established brands do not always have the best models available on the market today, according to authorized opinions.

Here you can see a review of the five best Chinese car models:

Next, we give you a brief mention of the five best Chinese car models in the Latin American market:

  • JAC S3: Offers great equipment, with excellent value for money

Chinese cars - Jac s3

  • Changan CS55: It stands out for the safety and dimensions it offers, combined

Chinese cars - Changan CS55

  • JAC S7: For seven passengers, it stands out for its elegant and refined finishes. His good equipment competes with the best.

chinese cars - JAC S7

  • HAVAL H6 2.0: The most remarkable thing is its price, in accordance with the appropriate features and the comfort it offers.

chinese cars - HAVAL H6 2.0

  • MG RX5: Its quality of comfort, solidity and interior space stand out. In addition, its motor power is very noble.

Chinese cars - MG RX5

If you want to make a comparison with the proposed choice, here is a selection alternative, which also offers some care tips and precautions when choosing your next Chinese car:

cheap chinese cars

In the video that we will leave you below, a very interesting comparison is presented on the prices of the Chery Tiggo 2 in the different countries of Latin America as of 2021. Keep in mind that at the present time they may have undergone some not very significant modifications:

However, here is a summary:

chery tiggo 2 From US$9684 to US$16100
chery tiggo 8 $35,990
Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Automatic $43,990
Geely GT AT $27,990
Geely Coolray $31,990
Geely X3 GX3 $22,900
MGZS $17,211
MG Comfort $22,532
MG Automatic $25,349

This selection is not intended to be exhaustive, but what we seek is to give you an approximate idea of ​​the price ranges.

Oil consume

In this resource we leave you information about the fuel consumption of Chinese models:

We give you below a guideline of the average mixed consumption approved in cars of Chinese origin:

  • Great Wall M4: 15.7 km/liter
  • Jac S3: 14.8 km/liter
  • Jac S2:14.7 km/liter
  • Chery Tiggo 2: 14.6 km/liter
  • FAW R7: 14.4 km/liter.

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