Chile: Traffic accident in Concepción ends with bus embedded in local

This Sunday, February 5, there was a car accident that traffic that involved two vehicles in the Concepcion center, Bio bio region.

The incident occurred at the intersection of the streets Arturo Pratt and avenue The Carrera. At the scene, an SUV crashed into a bus at the corner.

Consequently, the minibus was left embedded in the commercial premises. Fortunately, the bus driver is in good health, confirmed biobiochile.

I feel fine. I managed to maneuver the machine so that it didn’t get any worse. I only felt the impact, from the side”, indicated the driver. He pointed out that he was driving a “normal speed”.

In the transport unit they moved four people, of which, an elderly adult suffered a rib injury, while the rest are fine.

Members of the Firefighters of the sixth company of Concepción to take charge of the accident. One of the injured was referred to a hospital by the SAMU.

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For his part, the driver of the SUV is in good health, but did not want to issue statements about the fact.

According to witnesses, the collision would have occurred after the Mazda caught up with the bus on the left side.

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