CHILE – The Meganoticias team had a serious traffic accident and Gonzalo Ramírez gave his opinion on the cause of the crash


The announcer Gonzalo Ramirez described as “unacceptable” the reason why the team meganews suffered a spectacular accident that left the car useless.

The Meganoticias team suffers a road accident

Around 6:47 p.m., during the edition of Meganews (Mega) who starts the morning show, the host Gonzalo Ramirez released shocking news about the channel’s staff.

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The reporter Juan Pablo Munoz He concluded his police space, the same one that his colleague transmits Julio Ahumadaaccording to Page 7.

“We send you a hug”, expressed the ex Good morning everyone (TVN) about his partner who was not present. “He’s not here right now, because he was injured along with our team, which does the evening news coverage.”

Indicating the reasons, he explained: “They were going to their usual job in this vehicle and a van cuts across them, it hits them,” what ended in “total loss of car”.

Without regretting lives since, “everyone was wearing their seatbelt and suffered minor injuries and they are recovering,” Indian.

Arguing that the driver who caused the accident was drunk: “Whoever was responsible for this incident was under the influence of alcohol, something that was verified with the experts and was released, which is unacceptable and also happens frequently.”

“We send a tremendous hug to our team and to Julio Ahumada, we are waiting for you.” He ended by saying that his teammates will rejoin the team in the coming days.

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