Chile – San Bernardo judge arrested who caused a drunk driving collision in Calera de Tango

According to La Radio, the judge of the San Bernardo Family Court was arrested for carabinieri by driving while intoxicated in Calera de Tango.

Neighbors in the sector reported the incident, and the officers realized that one of the drivers involved was Eliana Alejandra Garay Herrera, 40 years old.

According to Radio Bío Bío, Garay was the one who hit a car, causing a chain collision. The agents claimed to have felt a strong alcohol breath, as well as difficulty speaking and walking.

Given this, a breathalyzer test was carried out, but in the first instance the judge refused.

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Now it was confirmed that the woman was accompanied by her children and that she is detained at the San Bernardo police station after marking 1.8 degrees in the alcohol test.

Mention that in the accident, a 7-year-old girl was injured. This Friday the judge will go through detention control.

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