Chile – Man rented a car and sold it on social networks for a third of the real price: less than 5 million pesos

Image courtesy of Meganoticias – Man rented a car and sold it on social networks

The Investigative Police (PDI) of Chili has detained for hours on Wednesday, November 30, a man who rented a car and then, sold it throught social media. But not only that, but for a price well below the actual value of the vehicle.

Man rented a car and sold it on social networks

SoyChile de Temuco pointed out that according to information from the PDI commissioner, María Cabrera, the man in question would have gone to a car rental company with the aim of requesting one.

Then, already having the car under his power, he took photographs of it to later publish them through social networks in order to sell it.

The man managed to finalize the sale of the car for around less than 5 million pesosIt is worth mentioning that the real price exceeds 15 million.

man is arrested

Commissioner Cabrera added that, after receiving the complaint of the illegal reception of the car, the car was tracked by GPS. “The vehicle was monitored through the GPS signal, finding it on duty in the city of Temuco on public roads and in the possession of an adult,” she said.

As a result of this, the subject ended up “arrested for the flagrant crime of receiving a motor vehicle.”

The man was made available to the Temuco Guarantee Court. As for the vehicle, he ended up being returned to the car rental company. No further details of the case are available.


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