CHILE – Intentional crash after discussion between drivers at Central Station (+STRONG IMAGES AND VIDEO)


occurs strong intentional crash after an argument between two drivers in Estación Central, Chile.

Intentional collision between two drivers who were arguing

A shocking video was recorded when two drivers were arguing and one of them decided to crash into his opponent’s car.

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The incident occurred after an extensive pursuit caused by a traffic dispute. tiara, woman affected by the crash, explained what happened to CHV News. As she indicated, everything happened when she was walking with her husband on Pajaritos Avenue.

A driver wanted to overtake them and was annoyed because he couldn’t, another vehicle approached them while also pointing a firearm. The attacked driver fled but the subjects of the other cars chased him for more than 10 minutes.

“(My partner) told me to affirm yourself, affirm yourself that these have already reached us. Then I reach to place the belt and I feel the pure impact, “ detailed.

Alfredfather of tiaraacknowledged having “anger and impotence because one never thinks that it will happen to one”.

“The level of violence has been increasing and now my daughter may be afraid for how long,” he added.

tiare stated that after the crash “We got out of the car as quickly as possible, my partner got out first and, as soon as he did, the guy shot him. I got down and the girl hit me on the ground.

The couple filed a complaint with Carabineros. “Let these people pay for everything”, the victim pleaded.

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