Chile – In a truck they steal foxtail plants from the Costanera Norte: thieves are executed for illicit association


A couple of thieves in a truck, steal plants fox tails of the Costanera Norte in broad daylight, request that they be executed by illicit association.

Criminals steal foxtail plants from highway

In broad daylight they steal foxtail plants from the highway, which are valued at 3,500 pesos on the informal market. However, almost all complaints “They do not say anything related to the amount of the stolen species, but rather to the damage to the safety of users that is caused by their theft.”

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Tired of so many robberies “in the most rigorous way the law”, people request to consider the crime of illicit associationthe North Coastal Concessionaire decided to execute the criminals.

The company filed a criminal complaint with the Fourth Guarantee Court of Santiago. The legal action charged the thieves with precautionary measures.

At 1:22 p.m. last Tuesday, North Coastal received the first alert. A nissan kicks stopped suspiciously at kilometer 7.4 of the south road.

A citizen security patrol Municipality of Vitacura indicated what happened. Road cameras confirmed it.

Three people got out of the vehicle to cut several “Fox tails”, ornamental plants placed on the shore.

The municipal security personnel called Carabineros who arrested two of the individuals: Matias Gonzalez and Sebastian Pereztransferred to the 37th Vitacura Police Station.

It is requested to Public ministry to investigate the facts that those responsible “they act or acted under the crime of illicit association (…) unless said situation considers it only as an aggravating circumstance.”

“It is necessary to point out that, with the negligent, culpable and criminal actions of these two individuals, not only have their own lives and physical integrity been put at risk, but also that of the users of the concession highway. The foregoing, since when stopping on the highway berm it can cause an accident that affects other road users.

More than 200 similar actions

The demand applied is due to the constant maneuvers of criminals on the highway that put citizens at risk.

required by BBCL Investigate, They indicated that only so far in 2022 they have filed nearly 200 similar legal actions.

“These complaints filed by the Concessionaire Company are not related to the amount of the stolen items, but rather to the damage to user safety caused by their theft. Thus, in the particular case of the theft of ornamental plants (fox tails), these constitute, as the complaint indicates, live fences or natural barriers that prevent the passage of people or animals to the road.

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