Chile: Helicopter crashes in the middle of fighting forest fires in Galvarino

This Friday, February 3, a helicopter crashed in the Galvarino commune, region of the Araucanía, during the fight against the forest fires of the place.

According to local media, the presidential delegate in La Araucanía, Jose Montalva, goes to the scene to verify the damage and consequences of the accident.

At the moment, they are two the victims of the accident: the pilot and the mechanic of the ship.

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In addition, the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics pointed out that the accident was carried out by a “aircraft registration CC-CPT of the company Helicópteros del Pacífico in the vicinity of Galvarino, while carrying out firefighting tasks. DGAC research team is activated”.

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“The DGAC deeply regrets this accident“, he pointed.

now, they are seven people have died as a result of the forest emergency, including four civilians and a firefighter, according to BiobioChile.

For now, in the Biobío region there are 22 thousand hectares affected, which is added to the 14 thousand burned in Ñuble.

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