Chile: Driver runs over a thief who was trying to steal his car; the subject had a leg amputated

This Sunday, January 29, a driver rolled over to one of the antisocials who tried to steal his car in a service center of the commune of Saint Bernard, Santiago de Chile.

He was referred to the Barros Luco Hospital, where the doctors were forced to amputate a leg product of his injuries.

According to the police report, the incident occurred at 3 in the morning on the street President Jorge Alessandri, when the aforementioned driver and his family arrived at a service center to fill fuel.

At that moment, armed individuals got out of another vehicle and tried to apply a lock up Faced with the imposition of getting out of the car, the driver decided to play it safe and escape from the place. The criminals proceeded to follow them.

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In that attempt to intercept the family, one of the criminals was run over and later detained by Carabineros.

Francisco Burgos, Lieutenant of the 14th San Bernardo Police Station explained that “The subjects fail to steal the vehicle, leaving one of its members abandoned, who, as a result of the victim’s escape, is injured in one of his legs.”

The subject is 22 years old and has an extensive police file. The rest of the gang could not be stopped

San Bernardo is a commune and Administratively, it is the capital of the Province of Maipo, a Chilean city located in the south of the Santiago conurbation.

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