Chile: Criminals burned vehicles in Quilicura to avoid persecution, after robbing a bank (+ Video)

The incident was recorded on video and quickly went viral on social media. To end the day, elements of Carabineros detained six people who were part of the violent process.

This Thursday, October 27, around 11:20 in the morning, a violent assault was reported that took place at the Falabella bank located in the mall Arauco Quilicurawhen to the place criminals arrived with rifles they came to steal money. Authorities have managed to arrest six people so far.

After steal the gun from the branch’s private security guard, the criminals threatened the workers to make them hand over money. In that way, they stole $20 millionaccording to police colonel Juan Francisco Jiménez, those who were delivered by a cashier.

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As a result of this, a security procedure was activated that led to a pursuit that included the participation of the Carabineros helicopter.

Although the thieves they set fire to three vehicles to prevent being followedand that too they installed a steel rope in one of the streets surrounding the shopping center, six people were arrested, including Chileans and foreigners. Firearms were also recovered.

Jiménez also assured that the subjects lowered the passengers from a public transport bus, and then obstructed traffic with it. Added to this was the release of miguelitos.

The North Central Prosecutor’s Office instructed that the OS9 of Carabineros investigate what has been done, checking the cameras to be able to identify the rest of the criminals. Colonel Jiménez added that a cashier was injured during the assault.

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