Chile – Child took the gun from the offender during a gate (+Video)

Boy took the gun from the offender during a gate
Image courtesy of La Cuarta – Child took the gun from the offender during a gate

a violent bang took place during the morning hours of this Thursday, November 17, outside the home of a mother and her two minor children located in the commune of La Granja, Metropolitan Region of Chili. It is worth mentioning that during this event, the child took the gun with which he threatened the offender, but he still managed to flee the site.

This fact was recorded in video and it has been disseminated through social networks, it shows the moment in which the gate occurred and that the minors were intimidated. It was also recorded when the antisocial escapes with the car, while the minors run after him.

Child took the gun from a criminal

According to what the victim mentions, a hooded man, on a bicycle, intimidated the family with a weapon with the intention of stealing their vehicle, just as they were heading towards the school. The mother would have initially managed to flee, and one of the minors, the girl, managed to escape.

However, one of the minors, 15 years old, would not have managed to flee, which is why the mother stops the car, the offender runs to the car and takes her out of it. According to police information, the minor approached and struggled with the offender, managing to snatch the weapon from him. However, the offender managed to escape.

Boy took the gun from the offender during a gate
Image courtesy of Meganoticias – Child took the criminal’s gun during a gate

“We received a complaint from an adult woman, who points out that in the morning, while she was leaving her private home, in the company of her two minor children, she was approached by a criminal who was traveling on a bicycle, with a blank-type weapon, which intimidation to then hold the vehicle and flee the place, “said the commissioner of the 13th Police Station of La Granja, mayor Marcelino Espinoza.

In the same way, he stated that “at this time, the Carabineros are carrying out all the pertinent steps to find the whereabouts of the perpetrator of this act.”

“In the same way, the Prosecutor’s Office was informed with the purpose that we have the specific specialized units,” he added.

Investigations are currently underway to find the whereabouts of the offender.


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