CHILE – Aircraft of “Halcones” of the FACh falls inside a school in Chillán, two people are injured (+VIDEO)


a plane of «Falcons» of the FACh loses control and crashes into a school in Chillán, leaving two people injured as a result.

Plane crashes inside a school

Emergency teams moved to the area of ​​Avenida Padre Hurtado, on the north side of the city of Chillán, where a small plane from the “Falcons” of the FACh collapsed.

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The pilot of the aircraft, Lt. Alvaro Rivas Schafer, next to the second corporal mechanic Heber Orellanawere injured, so they were transferred to the Chillán Regional Hospital.

Apparently, according to the authorities, the plane’s engine stopped, causing it to collapse. Firefighters, SAMU and Carabineros emergency units showed up at the scene of the incident.

Pillán number 4 fell in an emergency inside a compound of the Padre Hurtado Seminary College, located on the street of the same name with La Parva corner.

Within the residential area near the Bernardo O’Higgins Aerodrome, located on the way to Coihueco, is the school. He first fell on the soccer field and then stopped inside a warehouse.

Residents of the sector heard the aircraft approaching due to its engine, which was failing, and then heard the noise.

A helicopter from FACH it landed in the vicinity of the event and transported the pilot and the mechanic by air. The plane was flying over the observation area.

The plane left the Bernardo O’Higgins Aerodrome, since on Friday they appeared with the squad «Hawks» in the town of Ñipas, in Ránquil.

The Civil Aeronautics Directoratewill be in charge of the investigations of the case, since the Chillan Prosecutor’s Office He indicated that the investigation will be under the military courts since no civilians are involved.

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