Chile: 14-year-old boy dies after being hit by a train trying to get his bike out in Ñuble

A 14-year-old boy died on the afternoon of this Wednesday, November 23, in a rail accident which was recorded in the vicinity of the Portal Villa de la Luna, in San Nicolás, region of Ñuble.

In the section between Chillán and San Caros there is a unregulated pedestrian crossing where you can access this same portal.

Right in that area was where the young man tried to cross with his bike. However, it got stuck and in the insistence to remove it, he didn’t notice the train Originating from Santiago.

The railroad blew its bugle several times to get the teenager to get out of the way, but he froze at the crossing. The victim died at the scene. The death was confirmed by emergency teams working at the scene.

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According to La Radio review, the young man was a student of venezuelan nationality and studied at the Monte Leon College.

Captain Julio Riquelme Rochaofficial of the First Police Station of San Carlos informed that the SIAT will work at the site of the event.

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