Child dies of heat inside a car while his relatives watch the World Cup game in Argentina

The Miguel Sussini hospital, in the town of Virasoro, in Corrientes. There they took the boy who suffocated to death inside a car where he was trapped.

A four-year-old boy died of suffocation in a car when locked up accidentally in the Conin neighborhood of Gobernador Virasoro, Corrientes, Argentina.

According to El Clarín, the family reported the youngest of their children missing, for which reason a Search for the sectors close to the house.

«The father tells us that together with other people they were looking for him after finishing the match of the Argentina team ”, and that the boy disappeared while he was watching the game and his wife was sleeping, authorities said.

After an extensive search, the boy was found inside the vehicle. He was transferred to a care center where they tried to revive him, but he failed to survive.

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Now, the fact is investigated by the police, since the first inquiries indicate that the child was trapped due to mechanical damage.

“In the place we did not see broken glass or that any lock has been forced,” Police officers commented.

It is worth mentioning that the father was preventive detention until the investigation progresses.

What we don’t know yet is how he got into the car. When they notice his disappearance, they look for him everywhere, they even resort to social networks, ”explained the prosecutor. Julio Cazarre.

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