Chery Tiggo 2: Opinions in Chile

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile
Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

Informing you before buying? In this article we touch on all opinions of the Tiggo 2, which is the most sold of the Chinese trucks in Chile and one of the cheapest SUVs in the country.

Which model is best, your safety, the most common complaints from owners, If the spare parts are obtained or not, we summarize everything that we consider important for you here.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile
Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

How is the Chery Tiggo 2 in Chile?

It is not easy to position yourself as best selling SUV In a market as competitive as the Chilean one, nor is it for nothing.

We break down by topic how is the truck in order to give us an opinion.

Opinions Is the Chery Tiggo 2 comfortable?

If you go in the front seats the Tiggo 2 is quite comfortable, in the rear seats it has the typical transmission tunnel in the middle, which makes it comfortable only for 4 people. Nothing different from the rest of the classic SUVs.

The front seats are comfortable, even for long trips. If there are only 2 passengers in the back, they will travel very comfortably, since it has a decent width and height space.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

However, a point in favor is that It has 3 headrests, that is, the seat in the middle also has its own. We do not give a 10 in comfort to the rear, but we could say that in general the Tiggo 2 is comfortable.

Opinions Is the Chery Tiggo 2 durable?

It is a very new version to determine it; however, when we analyze the previous benchmark, the Tiggo, we can say yes, the model has proven to be durable.

There are Tiggo owners with more than 200,000 km and in other markets, such as Venezuela, The Tiggo is one of the trucks that is most sought after to buy used.

Here you have a video in which several Tiggo 2 are tested after a year of use:

Opinions Is the Chery Tiggo 2 powerful?

It has a certain sporty air. power is offered from low revs. In general, it handles very well and works for road trips, with a full suitcase and 5 passengers if it can be noticed a little loose.

How much does it cost in Chile?

In Chile you can buy a Tiggo 2 from $10,490,000 in 2023. They have a lifetime engine guarantee.

What are the purchase conditions?

This is the fine print that allows you to buy it from $10,490,000.

“Value $10,490,000 includes bond with Santander Consumer Finance Ltda. financing of $500,000 and brand bond with all means of payment of $1,000,000; price without bonus $11,990,000.

Promotion valid until FEBRUARY 28, 2023.

Financing Conditions: Maximum footing 50%, Term 24 months, with all Normal Line products. Referential value including operational expenses. Value does not include insurance that is optional. Credit subject to approval, prior evaluation of commercial background in accordance with the policies of Santander Consumer Finance Ltda.

Price does not include freight.»

Opinions about the brand. How good is it in Chile?

In Chile the brand that produces Tiggo 2 is Cherywhich ranks first among all Chinese companies operating in our country.

The Tiggo 2 is the best-selling Chinese truck in Chile, but it does not stop there. Tiggo 2 is also the fourth best-selling vehicle of 2022, including all brands.

Where is the Tiggo made in Chile?

A question that comes up a lot. Are they assembled from China or is it Chilean production? The truth is that neither of the two, the Tiggo 2 that we see in Chile They are imported free of tariffs from Uruguay.

Opinions Tiggo 2 chile Are spare parts available?

Yes, after comparing it with other models of Chinese trucks Tiggo 2 has the best availability of spare parts in the Chilean market for SUVs.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile
Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

Nothing to envy the rest of the Asian, American or European brands in this section. We asked the owners and the only hard-to-get parts are some sensors, however distributors can import them in a short time.

This is because since 2009 Chery decided to triple the production of the model in Uruguay to avoid paying tariffs when exporting. From that year onwards the availability of parts has been on the rise.

Technical sheet Tiggo 2 in Chile

These are the specifications of the Tiggo 2 version that we have in our country, you can do click here to download the data sheet Direct from the manufacturer.

Engine 1.5L 16V
Fuel Gasoline
Displacement (cc) 1497
Maximum Power ( Hp/Rpm ) 105 / 6000
Maximum Torque (Nm/Rpm) 135/2750
Consumption 3CV City / Highway / Mixed (km/L) 10.3/19.5/14.6 10.3/19.5/14.6 10.1/24.6/16.1
Emissions 3CV (g/km) 162 162 149
HP 105
Transmission Type 5-speed mechanics 5-speed mechanics CVT (9 Speed)
Traction Lead
Address Hydraulics
Front Suspension MacPherson type
rear suspension Independent with Trailing Arm

Opinions Tigo 2 in Chile Does it fail? What common problems do you have?

Like any vehicle, the Tiggo 2 can fail. The truth is that after checking the claims internet pages, the best-selling spare parts and asking the owners for their opinion We didn’t find it particularly crashing more than other models.

The most common failure of the Chery Tiggo 2 in Chile has to do with the ploss of speed or strength.

The most recurring thing when we asked Tiggo 2 owners in Chile for their opinions is a fault that is apparently associated with acceleration. The truck vibrates and loses power when trying to accelerate.

So far the 2 owners who were able to solve the problem told us that it can be:

  1. Change the throttle valve that is under the pedal.
  2. Change the throttle body.

Opinions Tiggo 2 Chile: Engine

What engine does the Chery Tiggo 2 have in Chile?

In Chile the Tiggo 2 has 1.5 liter 16 valve gasoline engine in all its ranges. While the Tiggo 2 Pro has in its most expensive version with a 1.0 Turbo engine.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

How much does the Chery Tiggo 2 give per liter?

The Tiggo 2 in Chile yields according to the manufacturer 6 kilometers per liter and on average, according to users who have dedicated themselves to measuring effective consumption, is 8.5 kilometers / Liter.

Does the Tiggo 2 have a timing belt or chain?

It has a strap, not a chain. It must be changed every 60,000 kilometers with its tensioners, it holds a maximum of 80,000 according to users.

What brand is the engine of the Tiggo 2?

It’s a Chery brand. does not have any collaboration. The model is Chinese, but it is imported from Uruguay.

Is the Tiggo 2 engine good?

Yes, so much so that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, the failures reported in portals never have to do with the engine. It does not present recurring, serious or unusual failures compared to those of other brands.

Opinions Tiggo 2 Chile Which one to buy Tiggo 2 or Tiggo 2 Pro?

Will the new model be worth it? Is it truly PRO or does it just change the image?

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

design and comfort

The first thing we can tell you is that the image counts, the exterior design of the Pro is quite different, more aggressive and luxurious than its standard version.

If you are guided by the design and you like the Pro, especially the exterior, it is reason enough to choose it.

We compare the trunkwhich is where they look the most different.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

Inside, the Tiggo 2 Pro not only looks more luxurious but is more comfortable, hard plastics are replaced by padded materials.

The rest of the rear part is exactly the same in both cars, there is nothing different

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile


You can tell the difference is with the engines, at their top of the range the Tiggo 2 Pro has a 101 Hp Turbo 1.0 engine.

The power ratio differs with the turbo engine, from the rest the other Pro models have the same performance as the original Tiggo 2.


The Tiggo 2 Pro is one of the few safe Chinese SUVs, you can get it with 4 airbags, which is essential for the safety of your passengers. We wish it had 6 to give it the full score, but it’s more secure than the standard version.

Details of the Chery Tiggo 2 2023

The Tiggo 2 currently offered in Chile has no changes from its previous version, model year 2022. It is still an SUV with a modern and attractive design, smooth lines and a prominent grille that comes in two finishes: GL and GLS.

Both versions have the same motorization of 1.5 and 16 valves that allow to obtain a power of 105 Hp. The difference is that in the GL version the 5-speed mechanical gasoline engine is available while in the GLS version you can accompany it with the 5-speed gearbox or a 9-speed CVT automatic.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile
Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

It comes in a variety of colors and depending on the finish you choose you will have better equipment options, such as cruise control, 8-inch touch screen, bluetooth or compatibility. Android Auto (to name a few).

It is worth mentioning that the Tiggo 2 brings advanced safety features, such as stability control and traction control, although these are only available in its top finish. However, it continues to have good security from the entry-level version.

Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile
Tiggo 2 2023 reviews chile

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