Checo Pérez and Carlos Sainz requested to respect paddock spaces at the Mexican GP

The paddock of Mexican Grand Prix was one of the topics of conversation during the weekend in the Formula 1. This became a verbena, where hundreds of personalities, VIP guests and fans bought the F1 Experience package to fill the main street where the pilots circulate.

This has caused a mess during the competitors arriving at the garage area. Given this, Czech Perez and Carlos Sainz They asked the fans to respect their space.

The Mexican Grand Prix is ​​known for its atmosphere, the hubbub of those present and the affection for the competitors, but Checo Pérez acknowledged that “there are more people than normal.

According to ESPN, about a thousand people enter a day to carry out a tour that lasts about 25 minutes, To these are added the VIP guests of the teams and other local brands that try to give their customers a special treatment.

Pérez indicated that this topic has given something to talk about among the protagonists. “This has been commented on, because without a doubt there are quite a few people, more than normal, and we Mexicans like to show affection too”.

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Maintain order and respect the spaces of the pilots so that everyone continues enjoying a good party”, he requested.

Carlos Sainz, a Ferrari driver, was a victim of the tumult of people who are at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, since they did not let the Spaniard training and running on the circuit, After being surrounded by fans, he had to cut his way and enter the garage.

I love having the fans around, I love having everyone around cheering. I guess because I’m Latino I have a special relationship. We ask everyone to be quiet, we are in the paddock, not to shout or push too much, but other than that I’m fine with itSainz pointed out.

As a result of the large number of people in the paddock, Checo Pérez has had to get around on a scooter, as people follow him to take pictures with him.

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