Charging the electric car will not be faster, but it will be more comfortable thanks to Ford


One of the biggest problems with the electric car is found when charging it. And not just from having to deal with the hours that the process can take, but also with chargers that don’t work, are busy, or just a rather frustrating bunch of cables. Well, the people of Ford want to facilitate the supply of the electric car, and its solution is none other than a magnetic charger that will allow us to say goodbye to cumbersome cables.

At the moment, this invention has been registered as a patent in United States Patent and Trademark Office, or what is the same, USPTO. This means that the oval firm has the license to conceive the charger under its brand but it does not have to ever reach production, although the system promises.

Ford patents a magnetic charger for electric cars

We are talking about a charger that, to a certain extent, emulates the system used to hitch a trailer. This is fixed in a garage space, and the car must have its own charging mouth installed in the bumper that will coincide with the “plug” of this magnetic charger, and that is that, after all, it is a simple sheet and not a plug as such.

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But beyond the ease that this invention can provide when charging an electric car, we find that it will be compatible with both alternating current and direct current. And if what you are worried about is getting the car right so that the charge starts, do not suffer, because this system It will have extendable arms that will make “plugging in” the car much easier.

In addition, magnetic charging is also designed for plug-in hybrid cars, and it can also be installed in electric cars that have conventional charging sockets. In other words, the system that the American house has devised is designed to work with any electrified vehicle but will it make it to production?

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