CH – Brutal beating of an ambulance driver in Tomé: they followed him to Cesfam and he ended up seriously injured

Brutal beating of an ambulance driver in Tomé
Image courtesy of La Cuarta – Brutal beating of an ambulance driver in Tomé

A ambulance driver suffered a brutal beating in the parking lot of Cesfam Dr. Alberto Reyes, in the commune of Tomé, in the Bío Bío Region in Chili. The incident took place on Saturday, November 26, after the group of attackers followed the driver to the health center where they attacked him, leaving him with serious injuries.

Ambulance driver suffers brutal beating in Tomé

According to the background, the event took place last Saturday, November 26 at night, when the worker was transferring patients from the health center to the hospital in the town of Tomé. It was in this context that the driver would have been approached by a group of people.

Although, the driver managed to dodge the individuals who sought to prevent the car from advancing. However, it was when the driver returned to Cesfam that he found that the group was waiting for him in the parking lot.

“When he arrived, these same subjects he met on the road were waiting for him. They began to rebuke him, telling him with profanity that he had wanted to attack them with the vehicle and they began to brutally beat him,” said Yuset Puentes, the president of the Afusam de Tomé board of directors, in conversation with BioBioChile.

Brutal beating of an ambulance driver in Tomé

serious injuries

According to Puentes, the victim ended up with serious injuries in various areas, namely his face, jaw and knees, but in addition to that he suffered a dislocated shoulder and a broken rib.

It is worth mentioning that, as a result of the brutal event, the municipality of Tomé stated that it will file a complaint against those who are responsible for the brutal beating to the ambulance driver.


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