Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?
Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

If you think it’s time to change oil filter of your car, there may be something standing in your way: the oil itself. If you want to know if you can change the oil filter in your car, but without changing the oil, the answer is yes; Here we explain how.

Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

As we mentioned before, the answer is a resounding yes. The setting of the oil is not really affected by a filter change. If a little bit of oil comes out, it’s just what’s trapped past the anti-drain gasket inside the filter. Of course, when changing the filter, you can end up losing between a half-quart and a quart, depending on your vehicle. Obviously, there is no problem with doing this and, in fact, it does not cause any damage.

Can I change my filter at home?

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If you want to change your filter, you do not need to take your vehicle to the mechanical workshop to do it. Most people would recommend that you “prime” your filter first, but in a car with such a small oil filter it’s not such a big deal. This is a practice most often kept for diesel filters. If it’s easy to reach, there’s no problem with doing this, but if it’s not easy to reach, things can get messy.

Can you change the oil filter without changing the oil?

How to change the oil filter without draining the oil?

The oil in your car is in the oil pan, which can only be evacuated by removing the oil plug. It is in the oil pan where between 70 and 80% of the vehicle’s oil is located. The remaining oil is found in your filter and oil galleys. This is the oil that will end up draining when changing the filter.


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When you change your filter (just your filter), you are only losing a small amount of oil. Losing this amount is not bad for your car and should not require a new oil change as soon. After losing this small amount of oil, you can top up the oil with a suitable replacement. Make sure the oil levels are correct using the dipstick. Next, start the car and make sure there are no leaks, then you should be good to go.

Remember that you can take the oil change at home, but if you are not an expert and prefer to have a professional take care of the job (something that can save you a bit of time for sure) do not hesitate to approach a mechanical workshop. If you need more information about the price of an oil change, you can enter How much does an oil change cost in the US?

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