Can a 2,200bhp Nissan GT-R humiliate the titanic Bugatti Chiron in a race? (+ video)


We know very well that the Bugatti Chiron is one of the fastest production cars on the face of the earth. But special emphasis must be placed on what is “production”, and that gives way to modified cars that can not only match the French hypercar, but also exceed it. And this situation has arisen in the garage of Hamilton, an American youtuber who has pitted his Bugatti Chiron against his 2,200 hp Nissan GT-R.

And it is that when you are lucky enough to be able to choose between driving a Porsche 918 Spyder, a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1 or one of the two protagonists among many others, the next step is to race between them. That is exactly what Hamilton has decided to do, who owns some of the fastest cars in history.

The 2,200 hp Nissan GT-R that wanted to humiliate a Bugatti Chiron

Although the same youtuber alludes in another video that he does not like his Nissan GT-R too much, the fact that it now has more than 2,000 hp may be reason enough to rethink the place of Godzilla in his heart. Be that as it may, we are talking about a V6 modified to the extreme compared to a W16 that develops 1,500 hp.

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But what happens when the two face each other on the track? The first thing is that the GT-R is catapulted out surpassing the Bugatti, which, perhaps due to poor launch control, covers the 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds compared to the 2.4 that it declares. Still, the mile four covers it in 10.02 seconds, but the Gallic hypercar is not enough for the brutality of the Nissan GT-R.

And it is that the Japanese, with its benefits taken to a considerably higher level, does the quarter mile in an impressive 8.94 seconds. Be that as it may, Hamilton can go home very satisfied, because after all he has some of the fastest cars in the world to his credit. His happy dilemma every morning when having to choose which one to take.

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