Camera captures the moment when Texas thieves steal the wheel of a Chevrolet Corvette in 60 seconds (+VIDEO)


Two brazen thieves in Texas steal the wheel of a Chevrolet CorvetteOf the brand Chevy in 60 seconds in a parking lot. The camera of a Tesla record everything.

A Tesla camera records the theft of a wheel in the middle of a parking lot

Today we do not know where a camera is that would seriously affect any situation. This time it can be seen in a recording as a couple of cheeky criminals, who seem to be practicing for the pits of NASCARThey steal the wheel of a Corvette C7 on November 3, in less than 60 seconds.

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The incident occurred in Southlake, Texas. The Southlake Police was the one who posted the video on Youtube along with a witty description) of the event.

Around 1:39 pm local time, a Dodge Charger in black parking next to a Corvettes white in a parking lot. Two masked individuals in loose clothing get out of the car on the passenger side. While one jacks up the vehicle, the other removes the lug nuts with what looks like an electric impact wrench.

When raising the car the hazard lights come on as part of the alarm system. When the wheel loosens, a third person gets out of the car to grab it and throw it into the trunk.

After this, the criminals place the vehicle on a wooden block. After the event the car takes off at full speed.

Thanks to the recording, the authorities will be able to find the whereabouts of the antisocials, who did not realize that they were being filmed.

In the recording you can see the license plate number of the Charger. Any information about the offenders should contact Southlake Police at 817-748-8915. The stolen wheel is valued at $700.

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