Brave woman hits her motorcycle against a criminal who stole her cell phone (+VIDEO)


A brave woman who is traveling on a motorcycle, collides with a motorist who steals his cell phone in Colombia.

Brave woman lashes out at a motorcycle thief

A woman who was driving her motorcycle along a route in Cartagena collides with a criminal who had stolen her phone minutes before.

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The video is recorded by the camera of a vehicle that was behind the woman on Avenida Pedro de Heredia in Cartagena, in the vicinity of the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, the woman was driving her motorcycle with her cell phone in her left ear, when another motorcycle intercepts it and steals it.

At the moment when the thief on a motorcycle takes the woman’s phone, she starts the unit and hits the anti-social forcefully, collapsing him.

A family who was driving was the one who recorded the moment. After the impact they both fall to the pavement, the woman limps when she gets up to look for her phone and the disoriented thief tries to escape from her.

When the thief tries to get on his motorcycle, the people present hold him down to execute him, but the criminal manages to flee. According to authorities, the woman filed the complaint.

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