Boxer “Canelo” Álvarez shows off his Ferrari LaFerrari (+VIDEO)

One of the most important boxers in the world, “Canelo” Alvarez show off your ferrari LaFerrari on their social networks.

“Canelo” Álvarez shows off his Ferrari LaFerrari

saul the Canelo Alvarez He is one of the most relevant current boxers in his field and a transcendental one in the history of boxing in Mexico, which places him in the position of the best highest paid boxer in the world.

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The athlete not only loves what he does, but sports cars are his passion, so due to his earnings he can afford to buy high-end cars such as Ferrari.

Canelo Alvarez

In social networks, celebrities often show off their lifestyle and every time they make a new purchase they post it on their personal networks, thus gaining thousands of followers who want to know more about their favorite icons and their private lives.

Through Instagram, “Canelo” boasted his Ferrari LaFerrari. What led him to obtain more followers than usual by showing his new acquisition in great detail.

The high-end sports car is valued at 1.3 million euros, of which there are only 499 in the world, so that over time it will be one of the most valued units on the planet.

It’s not the first time Saul Alvarez shows this car, in the past year he had already published an image of this model in his account Instagram, since for him it is the most spoiled car in his collection.

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