Biography Who was Enrique Garcerán? The Spanish chef who died in a traffic accident in Puerto Rico

Who was Enrique Garceran? The spanish chef who died in a traffic accident in Puerto Rico.

Biography of Enrique Garcerán the Spanish chef

Enrique Garceran He was a Spanish chef, originally from Madrid, whose international experience took him throughout the culinary world, where he dedicated his professionalism completely to satisfying the most demanding palates. He was passionate about gastronomic fusions and the integration of culinary trends where he was in charge of mixing ingredients to make new dishes with exotic flavors.

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Garceran is one of the participating chefs of Taste Puerto Rico 2019. The 34-year-old from Madrid had two children and studied at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in London. His desire to learn about different gastronomic cultures led him to visit Thailand, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.

What has been your training as a chef?

I study in school le cordon bleu where did he get the Le Grand Diplome in Culinary Arts, then he went to Bangkok, where he specialized in Thai food, after his trip to Bolivia he was a professional gastronomy teacher for a year. «My career began in London washing dishes —as a good cook, I started from the bottom».


When did you decide to leave the Dominican Republic?

The chef Enrique Garceranfather of two young children, settled in Puerto Rico in 2018, taking his first steps as a chef.

Jobs you’ve had

With the collaboration of other chefs, he opened a restaurant in the Balearic Islands in honor of Mr. Bartolo founder of meliá hotel of the Balearic Islands in Spain. They would use tableware from Gerona with Mediterranean, international food and classic flavors.

Melia Puerto Rico

Is he Melia Century in Ponce, Puerto Rico he began to build his fame as a chef. He was apprenticed to renowned chefs and at the restaurant ATAclub worked with the chef Cesar Rodriguez, who was part of his techniques. For seven years he worked in different hotels in the Dominican Republic, as The Ambassador, Country House and in the restaurant mijasone of the most recognized in the city of Santo Domingo.

There he met the hotelier Abel Misla Villalbawho was looking for an internationally famous chef to launch the Balearic Islands.

The Meliá Ponce is the oldest hotel in Puerto Rico and is located in a historic building built in 1895.

His Mediterranean touches were based on his grandmother, flavors like rice or the suckling pig itself, along with his creativity.

Enrique Garceran innovated the recipe for “Goat cappuccino”a taro cream, mounted in a siphon, with oxtail cooked at low temperature for eight hours.

Causes of the accident of the Spanish chef

At 11:03 a.m., he was driving his Jeep Gladiator at high speed through the streets of Ponce, next to Juan Ponce de León avenue in the Las Delicias urbanization, he lost control of the car, crashing into a tree and a residential fence. The vehicle was destroyed and Garcerán lost his life.

Investigations do not rule out a heart attack at the wheel.

If you want to know more about Enrique Garcerán you can visit his Web page.

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