Bad Bunny fans in Peru destroyed a car: they have already identified the majority (+ Video)

On November 14, the Bad Bunny’s second concert in Lime. The event was a success at the box office, but there were several drawbacks, among them, a group of young people who danced and jumped on a car leaving it in bad shape. These were identified.

The aggrieved by the act vandalism it is Moses Tinoco, 21-year-old Administration student who offered transportation services to pay for his studies. The car was rented.

Now, due to damage to the vehicle, the young man was left without his means of work and also had to pay a large sum of money to repair it.

I took the car to a mechanical workshop and spent more than 2,000 soles. Unfortunately, it has not been entirely good. The owner of the car told me that yes or yes I should take it to the workshop of the vehicle brand (Toyota) because I have to return it as it is. I have already taken it, but the cost is 3.500 dollars. A number so high that I cannot cover it”, He told The Republic.

From fanatics to vandals

tinoko spread the act of vandalism through Twitter and, with the help of users, managed to identify the six involved.

Today I went to the Petit Thouars police station to report damage to private property and vandalism against six of the people I have managed to identify. I hope justice can be done and those responsible cover the costs to fix the vehicle.” explained.

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He also commented that he has not been able to work for more than a week. “I live from day to day. That car was my work tool and now I have lost it. In addition, in the workshop they told me that it will take a month to fix it, it will be a month without being able to work”he referred.

Vandal makes fun of a young man who denounced the destruction of his car at a Bad Bunny concert

After the images of the vandals went viral, one of them dared to make fun of the victim and described him as “horrifying” for reporting the incident on networks.

So much h****** for a car (…). Rather, right now I buy another car from that one”, he commented.

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