Audi goes to 2D to launch 2 new logos and a curious way to identify their cars


Changing the logo of a brand is not an easy task, as there is a lot at stake in each slight modification. Nevertheless Audi wanted to update its image and therefore not only changes its emblem, but also launches a new name. Following the two-dimensional trend already seen in other manufacturers such as Renault, Audi turns to 2D design to debut two new logos that we will see reach their cars from this very moment, starting with the new Audi Q8 e-tron.

Yes, 2D designs are in fashion and more and more brands are joining this trend: Renault, Citroën, BMW and now Audi. Defended this change as a breath of fresh air that offers modernity, simplicity and more visual impact, Audi has decided to eliminate the classic four chrome rings in favor of an emblem that frames, on a shiny black background, the four rings in white and without any relief. Alternatively, this design will also be available in gray for certain sportier Focus variants.

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The new two-dimensional design of the Audi logo really began its journey with the Audi Q2, a model in which a “C” pillar vinyl could be installed under this 2D idea. But now this change in corporate image goes further, affecting not only the emblems that each new model manufactured from now on will wear, but the entire brand identity. A) Yes, throughout 2023 we will see a change of corporate image that will also affect dealers and everything related to the Audi brand to integrate the new design.


The first Audi to debut these changes has been the new Q8 e-tron

In fact, the changes will not end with the redesign of the logo, since Audi has also revealed that it will begin to use the font called Audi Type both on the exterior and interior of each car.. This new font will be used by the brand for the name of its models, as well as for the legends that we can see on them. And to reaffirm this change, with the launch of the new Q8 e-tron we have also discovered another novelty that will prevail throughout the range, which is the use of the B pillar to locate there the name of each car in terms of model and variant. Thus, from now on, when you want to know which Audi you are facing, you will only have to look at the B-pillar at the height of the windows, as the image on these lines demonstrates.

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