At 150 km/h against a wall, the terrifying crash-test that will make you see speed in a different way

At 150 km/h against a wall, the terrifying crash-test that will make you see speed in a different way

Although safety, both active and passive, has greatly improved in the automobile over the years, mortality in the event of a high-speed accident is still very high. Therefore, to show what would happen if driving our car at 150 km/h we have an accident against a walltoday we bring you one of those videos that is worth watching, because surely It will make more than one reflect on whether it is worth running according to what places and circumstances.

From the hands of the Vilebrequin Youtube channel, today we are going to attend one of those tests that makes your hair stand on end. The objective of this video is to carry out a crash-test at high speed, but using a BMW 5 Series family car of the E60 generation (2003–2010) crashing into a concrete block wall. The crash is also carried out at a speed of 150 km/h driving the BMW remotely, being able to see in great detail how the collision occurs and the consequences on the vehicle.

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This idea reminds us of that mythical crash-test at 200 km/h that Fifth Gear did with a Ford Focus, demonstrating how at such speeds the result of the impact can only be classified as terrifying. And today’s crash-test does not have a much better ending than let’s say, because after the impact of the BMW 5 Series against the concrete wall at 150 km/h, the way in which both the chassis and the bodywork are twisted manages to leave us with our mouths open.

Not even the most modern and advanced of cars would be able to survive such an impact, let alone its occupants.

And yes, we often forget that the energy that we acquire when driving at high speeds, in the event of an impact is a very difficult problem to manage. Not even the most modern cars, equipped with advanced progressive deformation structures or sophisticated active and passive safety systems, are capable of surviving such an impact, much less their occupants.

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