Android Auto update introduces issues with cars that lack a touchscreen

Android Auto update introduces issues with cars that lack a touchscreen

Users of Android Auto report problems with update coolwalk. Apparently they can’t control your apps with the rotary control of the multimedia equipment. Users with complaints have one thing in common: their cars lack a touch screen.

Everything indicates that the problem is linked to the software. The reports point to google maps as one of those responsible.

On Reddit it is reported that the experience is noticeably tarnished with this error that affects the google operating system that can be integrated into the functions of the car.

Specifically, it stops working when try scrolling from one app to another with the wheel scrolling of non-touchscreen models.

The first post reporting the issue appeared on Reddit. A non-touchscreen Mazda owner discovered that he couldn’t do the aforementioned action with his rotary knob.

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The complainant said that the inconvenience was related to google maps, since the navigation recovers when the maps application is closed.

For customers presenting this bug, it was recommended reinstall version 11.28.7 of the Google app to solve the problem.

Do we really need it to be a screen that controls everything?

This drawback demonstrates the disadvantages of a system controlled exclusively by a touch screen. More and more firms are opting for this option, Tesla being the pioneer in this regard.

In 2005, a test was carried out with a Volvo V70 which showed that the buttons were more secure, comparing itself with a Volkswagen ID.3 or a BMW iX, brands that opt ​​for increasingly larger touch screens.

“What is going to happen to all those devices when the operating systems don’t work one day? What will happen in 10 years, even? Are you still interested in the iPhone 3? He said Achim Anscheidt, head of Bugatti design, to partly explain the absence of screens in their models.

Maybe the day will come when there will be a de facto planned obsolescence. Companies created software that they no longer support, that is, update them so that only new ones are compatible with system updates.

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