American actress Denise Richards’ car shot at in road rage incident

They shot at the car Denise Richards while driving with her husband in a road rage incident.

Denise Richards suffers road accident

the car of Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers suffered an incident after being shot several times in a moment of road rage this Monday in Los Angeles, it has been confirmed that the couple is fine.

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Phypers He was taking the 51-year-old actress to a movie studio when a driver got upset about finding a parking spot.


Phypers he let the upset driver pass, who was yelling as he drove. At the moment he manages to pass the actress’s car, the driver hits the unit and shoots. The Shelby The pair’s gray shows a bullet hole in the back.


Richards It showed itself “baffled” and crying hysterically after the action when arriving at the recording set of his next film, «Fallen Angels: Warriors of Peace».

Someone from production called 9-1-1. Although we don’t know if a police report was filed.

After filming on set wrapped, the couple were escorted home by an off-duty officer.

According to IMDb, “Fallen Angels: Warriors of Peace” is based on the life of an Iraq war veteran who is called by a high command and embarks on a mission trying to stop a fallen angel from recruiting an army of the dead that would take over the world.

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