Alpine published a statement denouncing the hate on networks after the Alonso-Ocón incident at the Brazilian GP

Alpine published a statement denouncing the hate on networks after the Alonso-Ocón incident at the Brazilian GP


Alpine denounced the hate on networks about the incident in Formula 1 among the pilots Fernando Alonso Y Or with in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Alpine denounces the hate in networks after the GP of Brazil

After several frictions in the two seasons of Alpine, Alonso and Ocon They staged a duel again this Saturday.

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At the beginning of the Sao Paulo GP sprint racein a showdown for the last points positions, the Spanish driver and the French driver met at turn 4, where Esteban Ocon cornered the pilot outside Fernando Alonso, which almost makes a top.

On the way up to the main straight, at the end of the lap, Alonso touched from behind Or withdamaging the front wing.

Social networks exploded in various comments against the team. Alpine released a statement about it.

So says the Alpine statement

“Whatever happens on the track, there is absolutely no excuse for hateful, abusive or toxic comments directed on the internet towards our drivers, team members, fans and of course anyone.”

“Of all the responses we received during and after the sprint race on our social media there were 882 toxic comments, of which 162 were seriously toxic. That is totally unacceptable.”

“What we have seen today is not an isolated event, unfortunately. We continue to see hate and discrimination online and as a team we do not tolerate it.”

“We will take action against individuals or groups who produce or share social media posts that contain or encourage online mistreatment of our drivers, team members or fans.”

The pilots defended themselves in the press conference after the race, Otmar Szafnauerthe team manager, spoke after the press release they send after each day.

szafnauer criticized his two pilots and recalled that they are immersed in a strong battle with McLaren F1 for fourth place in the world.

“Frankly, both Esteban and Fernando need to do a better job of complementing the fantastic efforts of the entire team by avoiding incidents on track and compromising the performance of the entire team.” said Otmar.

“Today, both drivers have let the team down. I expect more from them tomorrow, where we must do everything to recover some points for the championship.

“Our goal is to make sure we go to Abu Dhabi next weekend in a position where we can achieve our goals for the season. Tomorrow is a new day”.

Szafnauer, He recalled that today is another race, another possible duel. Will there be more friction?

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