Alpine makes the corridor for Fernando Alonso after his last race with the team

Alpine makes the corridor for Fernando Alonso after his last race with the team

The 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix put final point to the relationship between Fernando Alonso and Alpine. The Spaniard got into the blue car for the last time and his gaze is set on Aston Martin, a challenge that he faces for the next F1 season.

The Asturian experienced historic moments in what was previously called the Renault F1 Team-, such as his two world championships. However, in the second stage with the French it was not positive, but the affection on both sides has not been lost.

So let him see a impromptu workers’ tribute en Alpine to Fernando Alonso in the run-up to the race, they all came together to form a corridor and fire the Spaniard between applause on his way to the car.

Alonso and the emotional corridor

The employees formed a corridor for the two-time world champion to pass through on his way to the car. The applause and cell phones were ready to immortalize the scene. The pilot, for his part, greeted the close collaborators.

Unfortunately, Alonso once again had a setback during the race that prevented him from saying goodbye as he would have liked. With 81 points, occupying the ninth place, he ends his relationship with Alpine, just below his teammate Esteban Ocon, who collected 92 points.

A new breakdown caused the umpteenth abandonment of the Spaniard, in a season plagued by mechanical problems.

“I am happy that this is over. There are facts that have gone against us this year, against the ’14 ′ car, ”he told AS.

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“There are nine or 10 reliability issues that at this level is obviously unacceptable. They all happened in my car, so I’m happy to finish, to have the seat adjustment tomorrow (Monday) with Astony to do the tire test on Tuesday. I hope he starts another project with better luck”, added to the aforementioned medium.

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