Alpha Motors Montage Unveiled as a Limited, Retro-Looking Electric Vehicle for $499,000

Alpha Motors Assembly
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Alpha Motors Montage

alpha motor corporation is taking reservations for a new model that’s unlike anything else from the EV brand. The Alpha Motors Montage Coupe looks like a modern version of the sport cars classic British cars from the 1950s, like the Bentley S1 Coupe and the Morgan Plus Four. This retro model will have a limited production with prices starting at US$499,000.

alpha states that the Montage is available with a optional electric transmission generating 201 Hp (150 kW) and 2,640 lb-ft (3,335 Nm) of torque. Power goes to the rear wheels through a gearbox single speed with a ratio of 9.53.

Alpha Motors Montage Coupe
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Alpha Motors Montage Coupe

Alpha Motors Assembly

The company’s announcement doesn’t say whether this large amount of spin occurs at the wheels after gearbox torque multiplication, but these large numbers usually do. For example, gmc initially cited the Hummer EV with 11,500 lb-ft of torque using this method.

Alpha Motors Montage Front Quarter
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Alpha Motors Montage Front Quarter

The company’s spec sheet does not cover the output of the Montage’s standard powertrain.

In addition, the battery capacity is also not clear. The brand expresses that it is a custom-built lithium-ion pack that provides an estimated range of 250 miles (402 km) of driving range. Charging performance unknown.

Inside the Alpha Motors Montage
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Interior of the Alpha Motors Montage

“As we achieve milestones on our roadmap to mass production, opportunities to build specialty vehicles are created. Montage was created to bring people together to support electrification,” Alpha Motor said in the model announcement.

Alpha Motors Montage seats
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Alpha Motors Montage seats

Although it is difficult to get an idea of ​​the size of the assembly from the representations. The vehicle measures 173.2 inches (4,400 mm) long, 72.83 inches (1,850 mm) wide, and 54.5 inches (1,384 mm) tall. To give us an idea, the new nissan z it measures 172.4 inches (4,379 mm) long, 72.6 inches (1,844 mm) wide, and 51.8 inches (1,316 mm) high. So they are quite similar in numbers.

New Alpha Motors Assembly
Image courtesy of Motor1 – New Alpha Motors Montage
Alpha Motors Rear Quarter Assembly
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Alpha Motors Montage Rear Quarter

As for its interior, the mounting It has space for two occupants. It features a retro-looking instrument cluster with large analog dials and chrome trim surrounding them. The center console has large vents with more chrome trim and a vintage-style radio. However, there are plenty of modern touches like a digital speedometer and digital sound system. Plus, there’s cargo space under the hood and in the trunk, giving you plenty of storage space.


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