Almost 200,000 kilometers with a Porsche Taycan, or how the electric justifies that 100,000 units have already been manufactured

Almost 200,000 kilometers with a Porsche Taycan, or how the electric justifies that 100,000 units have already been manufactured

An unprecedented success and more so in these ranks, where it would not be unreasonable for just the opposite to happen. And we are talking about that, since the production of the Porsche Taycan was given the green light back in September 2019, 100,000 units have already been produced. All this has more merit when we discover that the electric of porsche It has a starting price of 91,024 euros, that is, figures not suitable for all pockets.

And one can fear when entering the electrical sector, and more for that sum of money. But the fact that 100,000 units have been manufactured seeks to be an unequivocal sign that the Taycan is a safe purchase, and more with owners who have already traveled almost 200,000 kilometers with this as a guarantee to give proof of it.

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The person in charge of raising the production marker to 100,000 manufactured units is none other than a Porsche Taycan Turbo S finished off in Neptune Blue, a unit that is heading to the United Kingdom. And it is not for less, since this is one of the largest markets for the electric saloon, bringing together a high percentage of its sales together with the United States and China. Now, how reliable is an electric that flirts and comfortably exceeds 100,000 euros?

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And the unit in charge of raising the odometer to the point of flirting with 200,000 kilometers is none other than Jean-Hubert Revolon’s Taycan 4S. This 43-year-old French businessman has to his credit a Taycan that has covered 188,119 kilometersan amount that has been added in a short time due to the 1,200 kilometers that it covers daily.

Without a doubt, it is more than enough to check how reliable any car is. However, more romantic is the story of Guillaume Takvorian, a pharmacist who uses his Porsche Taycan for day-to-day use, with which he has already traveled 113,977 kilometers. and that, for the weekend or days of enjoyment, he uses his 911 Targa. In turn, Takvorian only had to change a Taycan fan, which was still under warranty.

And more surprising is the case of Markus Kreutel, a Porsche employee who has a Taycan Turbo as a company car. But he is not surprised by the car he uses for business work, but because between February 2021 and August 2022 it has covered 134,911 kilometers. This figure has been traveled, fundamentally, on the road.

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This is because Kreutel is Head of Body Planning at Porsche, which implies that he has to travel to numerous plants of the firm. In this way, he has to supervise the initial manufacture of the frame in Zuffenhausen, Leipzig and Bratislava. In other words, it would not be surprising that at this point in the film that Taycan Turbo has already exceeded 200,000 kilometers without breaking a sweat. But more important is the fact that Markus Kreutel frequently resorts to fast charging, charging that, if abused, can be harmful to the battery; however, his Taycan states that it has 91% battery capacity.

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