All died: Accident in the Tlaxco-Tejocotal leaves four dead

All died: Accident in the Tlaxco-Tejocotal leaves four dead

four people died after the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned on the highway Tlaxco-Tejocotalpresumably circulated in speeding.

The incident occurred at kilometer 40 of the aforementioned highway, which connects Puebla with Tlaxcala and the Sierra Norte. Reports indicate that because of the way the bodies and car were damaged, the unit could have been traveling to more than 160 kph.

The driver was determined to be speeding and he lost control of the car which would end up overturned. This was shattered by the impact and caused the death of the passengers.

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The victims were identified as Ricardo N., Luis Antonio N., Manuel S. and Luis Antonio M. who were thrown and their bodies hit the asphalt, dying immediately.

The fact caused the partial closure of the road artery for a few hours in the afternoon of that October 31.

The authorities urge citizens to circulate with extreme caution on the aforementioned road.

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