After five years abandoned, enjoy watching this icon of the 90s return to the streets (+ video)

After five years abandoned, enjoy watching this icon of the 90s return to the streets (+ video)

If there was a car that changed Volvo’s image forever, it was the 850. Launched in the mid-nineties, and endowed with great dynamism, it bridged Volvo’s image of a traditional and overly sensible brand, to that of a modern and attractive brand. Much of the blame for this transformation lay with his T-5R and R versions, whose 2.3 turbo five-cylinder engines reached 250 hpmeasuring itself against the best of Germany both on the roads and in the lists of best-selling premium cars.

The car that stars in this article is a Volvo 850 R, with about 500,000 km on your odometer. It was parked out in the open for five years, in a state of partial abandonment, until its former owner decided to rescue it to give it to his wife. He then hires detailer AMMO NYC (Larry Kosilla) to get it in the best cosmetic condition possible. Weathering has deteriorated the paint noticeably, but power cleaning, hand rubbing, and polishing restore its original shine more easily than expected.

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The Volvo 850 R is one of the best cars ever created by the Swedish brand.

Inside, they have had to go to great lengths disinfecting carpets and seats, as well as cleaning everything using a combination of steam cleaner and all-purpose cleaner. The body plastics have been restored and some rusty details on the front have also been painted. The final touch was a quick mechanical tune-up, with a new delco cover, spark plugs, spark plug wires and oil. Thanks to this the car not only started perfectly, but it has returned to work with fluidity and power.

Volvo 850 T-5R Photos

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