A teen called 911 from the backseat of her car to report her mom was driving drunk.

A teen called 911 from the backseat of her car to report her mom was driving drunk.

A 17-year-old girl in Michigan He called 911 from the back seat of a vehicle to report his mother, who was driving while intoxicated last Monday, October 17. The officers say they have never received a report like this.

Hello, my mom is drunk driving like crazy with me and my little brother in the car. We don’t feel safe at all. We need someone to come get us”, the teenager told the emergency operator.

The girl said that her 15-year-old brother was with her in the back seat, while the passenger seat was occupied by a mother’s friend.

The line operators held the conversation with the girl for 10 minutes, while she was in charge of describing her location along US 223 passing through Blissfield.

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Police officer Thomas Anton explained that the vehicle was intercepted in a matter of minutes and said that it was swerving erratically.

The vehicle was actually going over the lines and almost hit another car next to it, and went over the double yellow lines twice and almost caused a head-on collision twice, Anton detailed.

Police stopped the vehicle and the 45-year-old driver was apprehended, her name has not been disclosed.

Officers transported her to the Lenawe County Jail, where she severely exceeded the speed limit, for which she is expected to face a minor offence for driving while intoxicated.

For their part, the teenagers were transferred to their grandmother’s house, where they remained in custody, Anton affirms that the girl’s actions saved many lives.

They were pretty freaked out when mom was driving drunk down the roadAnton said. “TThey were afraid for their mom’s safety and their own, so they called 911 to make sure that, in fact, the daughter said they saved mom’s life.”.

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