A Rolls-Royce Phantom as a gift, or how the prince of Saudi Arabia wanted to reward the players of the national team


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already begun and, despite the fact that the main trend is logically football, the automotive sector has just played a very important role. Specifically, this has come into play after the victory of Saudi Arabia against Argentina, a victory that has not gone unnoticed and that the Saudi prince himself Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud wanted to congratulate her with… a Rolls-Royce Phantom for each of the team members.

And we are talking about a luxury saloon that has a starting price of 478,361 euros. Now multiply that figure by the 26 players that make up the Saudi Arabia team, although we assume that it is a relatively insignificant number for the prince and its assets valued at approximately 350,000 million euros.

The generous gift of half a million euros for the players of Saudi Arabia

Although it is not something that should surprise us either, considering that we are talking about a country that is part of OPEC. Be that as it may, the generous gift seeks to keep the players motivated to win the next matches they will play, but of course the result against the albiceleste is worth noting.

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And it is that Saudi Arabia got the three points in the group stage after beating Argentina 2 to 1, the latter being one of the favorite teams to lift the world cup. What is clear is that, regardless of whether or not Saudi Arabia wins the World Cup in Qatar, the members will have a great luxury in their garage.

We are talking about the very Rolls-Royce Phantom, one of the most exclusive sedans in the world and which seeks to pamper its occupants with great detail. In addition, the Briton stands firm in the face of vehement anti-pollution regulations with a 6.7-liter V12 engine in its bowels capable of producing 571 hp and 900 Nm of torque. Will there be more gifts of this caliber or even greater if more victories are made? We will know soon.

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